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Globetrotter Seven

Dare to make a difference in your world!

We assist businesses, foundations, NGOs and Governments unbridle their full potential through our unconventional solutions. We offer customized consulting services that cut across sectors and are backed by research, experience, knowledge and critical assessment.

We work closely with community-based organizations and Governments who identify skill(s) they could benefit from acquiring based on which we periodically organize business-to-business pairing trips that matchmake skillsets to communities. Our golden rule is reciprocity; we envision a world where people share knowledge in an environment that values and respects the cultural differences.

Join us and together let us dare to make a difference in your world!


Our Services

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We assist cross-sector partnerships identify the kind of partnership that best aligns with their mutual goals and vision. We formulate a model that addresses common social/economic/environmental challenge

We assist corporations identify how big their industry is in terms of revenue and number of players, perform a competitive analysis and identify specific target markets.
GlobetrotterSEVEN believes in working collaboratively with communities to address issues that impact their well-being. We conduct field visits, focus group discussions and interviews with stakeholders and advice on how to use finding to increase the levels of coordination between different stakeholders to achieve the optimum result in your project.
We assist NGOs and Corporate organizations execute projects within the anticipated time and budget. Identify obstacles and work with organizations to overcome them and where need be, facilitate workshops to resolve complex implementation issues.
Globetrotter SEVEN believes that the private sector can play a critical role in helping the world’s social economic challenges. We serve as a strategic advisor to teams by offering customized consulting to corporations.

Communities now more than ever need to develop their skills to enable them to be competitive and to make wise business decisions in the global market. We organize trips in collaboration with local social enterprises and businesses who identify skills they need. Our trips are carefully organized to ensure that both the skill recipient and giver can engage, exchange skills/knowledge and come up with sustainable solutions going forward.

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If you are an expert in a certain field, have a skill to share, or want to learn a specific skill, have an idea you would like to develop, want to explore business partnership possibilities then these trips are meant for you!

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Dare to make a difference in your world!


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Get Involved Now!

Dare to make a difference in your world!

Customized consulting services that cut across sectors

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